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Pat’s day… 8/27/16

Pat Says:

Today I got up, made a protein shake, took a nap, woke up, took a shower then rested up to start my day. At I:00 pm I went over to The Goodwill Auction Center to check out a 57′ Mary Kay Strat that was listed on their auction site. The top bid so far was $16,500. I took the thing apart and I honestly didn’t see any Fender or vintage parts on the entire rig (guitar). Our pal Bob from Guitar Crazy checked it out the day before and arrived at the same conclusion. So don’t be fooled, it’s a parts guitar…Then I picked up my bride and went to the beach for dinner. That’s how my day went, how about yours?  Doug is now officially a celebrity and he can prove it too.  Check out the latest Guitar World Magazine, the one with The Edge from U@ on the cover.  Under top 12 guitar stores in the US go to page 66 for Walt Grace/Cars and Guitars in Miami.   Yep, right there in black print.  Pretty cool!!!

Our first blog entry, Yikes!

Doug  8/21/2016    As much as Pat fought me on this one we are now semi-modern and blogging.  He thought I was talking about dancing in wooden shoes so it took a visit from his therapist and some calm talking to just to settle him down. He doesn’t dance or fly so it’s touchy around the Doug and Pat Show sometimes but he’s good now and might even write something himself as long as it’s not about dancing or flying.

I just finished editing the next show and hope to post it tonight.  We  get emails asking us if we’re done now doing videos or dead or what because of the time between videos and the answer is no to both.  The truth is it takes a while to do the shows because of the editing and syncing the Pro Tools tracks to the video tracks (if there are any).  I’m not even going to get into how long it takes for costuming and makeup.  The idea of doing the blog is to let you know what we’re up to and get your ideas on things you might want to see on the show.  We have a lot of things planned for the future that will keep us at this for a long time so hang in there and check back here often to see if we are actually dead or not.

We have eight killer sets of new humbucker’s (that’s two shows worth) from around the world including some high priced stuff we’ve been recording and filming.  The idea is it’s easier to do two or three shows at the same time rather than one which is why you sometimes see two or three posted in a row and then silence for awhile.  The silence is when we’re filming again or on extended vacations which can and will happen.  Pat more than me because of his advanced age.

Lastly for this time, pick up a copy of Guitar World with The Edge from U2 on the cover, read the article on the top twelve guitar shops in the US and check out the interview with Bill Goldstein from Walt Grace/Cars and Guitars in Miami, page 66.  Fun stuff my friends. Doug