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The Doug and Pat Show-German Engineering takes on the PAF

Doug and Pat take on the big three of German engineered PAF style pickups to find out how they fare against Oscar, the ’58 Les Paul. Man, we can see these guys are going international but perhaps they’ll tell us about their summer vacations too. And did Gibson really use only A4 magnets in the Golden Era? It’s all here. The demos start at 7:20, the mayhem starts immediately. Guten Morgen, lass uns gehen . D&P

Doug and Pat Show “How do you get that tone?”

You just got those expensive boutique pickups like you saw on The Doug and Pat Show and put them in your guitar and plugged them in but they don’t sound like they did on the show. What’s going on here? The question is: are there any other factors in getting “that sound” other than the pickups? Doug and Pat go head on into the subject trying to find out and try to keep the price down at the same time. This might be scary but you know you have to do it don’t you? Alrighty then.

Doug and Pat Show P90 Shootout #2

Dang these noisy little pickups can make some great sounds! But how great? Let’s listen to four sets in a ’95 Gibson Les Paul Special and compare them to a real deal ’56 Les Paul Special. Pickups from Reilander, Organic, Onamac Windery and ThroBak all weigh in on P90 tone, all with a little bit something different going on. And just because you asked us, a ’63 Gibson Melody Maker just for fun.