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The Doug and Pat Show – Henry SRT+ and the Nerdville Road Trip

It was a big month for D&P with a road trip to LA for the NAMM Show, vintage guitar show and a trip to Nerdville with Joe Bonamassa. Wait, we’re not done..we also check out the Henry SRT+ clone of our vintage Vox AC10 SRT. How close is it? You might be surprised. Demos start at 12:43 and it goes out of sync at 50:30, sorry about that (thanks You Tube). Take note: D&P WILL BE ON VACATION UNTIL JULY, or at least Doug will. As always, NO ADS, WE HATE ADS! It’s just us so let’s get on with it.

The Doug and Pat Show – Blindfold Test Reveal Show

And now the results of the Blindfold Test #2 (Which you will need to watch first for this to make any sense). Doug and Pat now tell you which guitar was which, how did you do guessing the different sounds? Of course friends, there is no wrong answer, only your own taste in PAF style pickups so congrats to all of the people who guessed. And for the true D&P fans, Pat’s fashion tips and how to shop on a budget. Everyone’s a winner.

The Doug and Pat Show – Blindfold Test #2 – Where’s Oscar?

Doug and Pat ask the question, can you tell the difference between the 1958 Les Paul with PAF pickups and a mid 80’s Tokai? Five guitars, all unseen will be played to see if you can find Oscar. Descriptions of the guitars start at 4:28, the demos start at 16:37 with all demo locations on screen. Lots of great information and great guitars await, take your best guess, we reveal the results on January 23rd, 2019. You want those Pat discount shopping tips? Done!