Doug and Pat on The Kemper Profiling Amplifier.

Doug and Pat continue their terrifying journey to be more modern and hip without giving up their love of vintage gear. Possible? Maybe so in the case of the Kemper which uses some kind of Voodoo system to capture the sonic qualities of a live amplifier using whatever microphone or speaker you want. But how does it sound compared to the same amp, same speaker and same microphone when played live? In order to find out they brought in hipster Jeremie Murfin of Five Star Guitars and his very own Kemper to do the demo. **Attention KEMPER OWNERS-Profiles NOW AVAILABLE at: tab*** Yup, we have Doug’s Vox AC10 SRT profiles and more***. “Onward and forward into the future, we ain’t ‘fraid of nothin” D&P

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