Chasing Oscar!

Doug playing Mr. OscarWatch the Show

Can you really tell the difference between a highly prized vintage Gibson from the fifties and a re-issue? How about those high priced boutique PAF clones you’re thinking about buying, how do they stack up to the real deal? How about if you could hear them all playing the same song by the same player through the same amp recorded exactly the same way? Welcome to “Chasing Oscar”, written and recorded by Doug and Pat for exactly that purpose: to hear how a 2013 R9 might compare to the original 1958 PAF equipped Les Paul known as “Oscar” or a Custom Shop Les Paul Special to an original 1956. How do those expensive boutique “PAF” style pickups sound when you put them in an affordable guitar compared to the icons of the guitar world? You get the idea. Let’s take this journey together and please, come back often as we’ll be adding more guitars and more pickups every week. “Chasing “Oscar”, need we say more?
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P90 Pickups:
1952 LP P90s
1956 Gibson LP Special P90s
1994 Heritage H150 Wolfetone P90s
1998 Gibson LP Special Tyson P90s
2001 Gibson LP Special Lollar P90s
2001 Gibson LP Special RCs P90s

Humbucking Pickups:
1958 Gibson LP Stnd Oscar PAFs
1959 Gibson ES345 PAFs
1960 Gibson ES335 PAFs
1960 Gibson ES355 PAFs
1960 Gibson LP Burst AKA Jayne PAFs
1994 Heritage H150 Brandonwounds
1994 Heritage H150 Buzztones
1994 Heritage H150 Creamtone
1994 Heritage H150 Doyle Coils Tru-Clones
1994 Heritage H150 Geppetto Camelots
1994 Heritage H150 Montys
1994 Heritage H150 Onamac
1994 Heritage H150 RC
1994 Heritage H150 Sanford 1812
1994 Heritage H150 Sanford MO22
1994 Heritage H150 Tamms Customs
1994 Heritage H150 ThroBak KZ115 A4
1994 Heritage H150 ThroBak KZ115 A5
1994 Heritage H150 Throbak SLE-101 MXV set
1994 Heritage H150 Tom Holmes 450-455 set
1994 Heritage H150 Tyson TTL 2
1994 Heritage H150 VIPs
1994 Heritage H150 WCR Crossroads
1994 Heritage H150 Wizz Premium Clone PAF set
1994 Heritage H150 Bare Knuckle The Mule
2000 Gibson R7 Classic 57s
2000 Gibson R7 Duncan Antiquity Set
2000 Gibson R7 Geppetto Nomad Set
2000 Gibson R7 Omanac Top Shelf
2000 Gibson R7 Organic Stigma Set
2000 Gibson R7 Rheilander Muckbucker
2000 Gibson R7 Throbak KZ115 A2
2013 Gibson R9 Custombuckers

Chasing Oscar Backing Track