Comparing Old and New Marshall 18 Watt Combo’s

Once again Doug and Pat ask “how close is it to the original?” This time with the second series Marshall model 1974 combo from 1966-68 to the newer English made re-issue. We play them and you decide. Oh yeah, and the “58 Gold Top with PAF’s is in there too and you know that’s a good thing.

One thought on “Comparing Old and New Marshall 18 Watt Combo’s

  1. I’ve been playing music (sometimes making what i consider decent money) for over 40 years. Yes – I’m 61 – starting playing package shows out of Nashville over 40 years ago. Ancient history. I have a Heritage H576 – and stumbled on your You tube shows. Great shows. Always wanted to get more information on Es-335’s and especially the Les Paul jr’s (great show I might add !)
    Our appetite out here in Internet land is never ending!!! Please continue the shows – we need more shows. And – compared to me – you guys are spring chickens – and I still work every day!!
    Great job – and keep up the good work!!
    Jerry Bass
    Clarence Center – New York

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