Doug and Pat demo the ThroBak KZ 115 PAF clone humbuckers.

Doug and Pat risk it all making sure they get it right playing three sets of the ThroBak KZ 115 pickups with A2, A4 and A5 magnets. How do some of the best boutique PAF style pickups you can get stack up against the amazing sounding “Oscar”, the 1958 Les Paul gold top? Trust us, you’ll want to know. But you better fasten that seat belt friends, Pat get’s a little upset right on camera. Oh yeah.

3 thoughts on “Doug and Pat demo the ThroBak KZ 115 PAF clone humbuckers.

  1. I thought the throback A2’s sounded very close to Oscar on the video. Oscar the guitar, is a bit better sounding guitar than the one that had the trhobacks in it.

  2. Yes I agree with Jeff. It was remarkable how the warmth of the A2 and clearly that wind from KZ 115 seemed the closest of any pickups tried. Thanks Gents for sharing your tone quest.

  3. I liked the A-4’s the best. All three sound great, but to my ears I prefer the A-4’s out of the three sets. Hard to beat Oscar, but the GT with the KM’s sound better than anything else I’ve heard from new(er) guitar. Of course this is just my opinion.. You mileage may vary.

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