Doug and Pat Revisit the Original and Reissue Marshall 18 watt combos.

How does the reissue Marshall model 1974 18 watt combo sound compared to the original from the sixties? Doug and Pat return to find out switching components to see if it really is just the speaker or grill cloth or something else. Sure, confusion creeps in sometimes but they make it through with most of their dignity intact. Oh yeah, and another opportunity to Make Doug and Pat Rich, instructions on how included.

One thought on “Doug and Pat Revisit the Original and Reissue Marshall 18 watt combos.

  1. Re:Marshall 18 watt comparison

    Hi guys,
    New subscriber here. Enjoying the show. Lots of great info. On the Marshalls: to my ears, the reissue is brighter and more “jangley” than the original. To me the Mullards made the most difference. I expected the new speaker to be the culprit but I was surprised at how close it was.
    I guess it’s the sum of all the differences you showed. I love the older one. It sounds like it’d more inspiring to play. (More Rev B. F. Gibbons approved).
    BTW, if you still need a name for Oscar my suggestion is “Sonny”. For sunburst. Also As in Elvis’s Sonny and “Red”. Ha, maybe the 335 could be Red!
    Anyway. Thanks for what you’re doing!

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