4 thoughts on “Gibson ’58 Gold Top W/PAF’s

  1. Hey Doug And Pat 😉

    Thank you for an incredibly entertaining show. You are very informative and quite entertaining. I live in Denmark europe (No it’s not the capital of Stockholm) hehe.
    I have a question about Gibson ’58 Goldtop W / PAF’s “Oscar”. Is it correct that the Bridge pickup is 7.44 ohms and Neck is 7.59 ohms and not the other way around?

    Can you tell me about the pots, capacitors and cables that are in it?

    Thank you again for a fantastic show;)

    Love Johnny Lindahl

  2. Hi Doug and Pat,

    One thing that makes a difference in sound is the tone caps used. WOuld you mind spilling which caps Oscar has in place for neck and bridge?

    Great show, I’m addicted

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