Jason Lollar comes for a visit.

Jason Lollar of pickup winding fame comes to The Doug and Pat Show to straighten these two out and also talk about some of his own pickups and philosophy. They put the new “Staple” pickup, “Gold Foil” Pickup and Lollar version of the PAF humbucking, “The Imperial” through the D&P demo machine with some interesting results. It’s intense, it’s exciting, it’s informative, or are we all just dreaming?

2 thoughts on “Jason Lollar comes for a visit.

  1. Hi Doug and Pat. In your PAF #4 shootout you say that Oscar’s bridge pick up is 1/4 in. below the bottom of the strings. Is this correct? the gap does look that wide. Please tell me if i’m full of shit! lol.
    Love your shows!!! Thanks. Victor Badia

    1. That is correct, when the strings are held down to the fingerboard on the end of the neck. We have found that you need to experiment with pickup height for each guitar and amp combination. Where the guitar sounds good to you is up to you and not anyone else, we just happen to be really happy with that height over all on most of our guitars. Hope that helps. Doug and Pat

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