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  1. Hey Doug and Pat hope all is well
    I love your show I live in Staten Island NY and I’m also a guitar player I am 54 years old and at the age of 15 I owned an early 62 thru 66 I’m really not sure what year but it was a Gibson SG with p90’s and it was missing the tremolo bar but nothing played like that guitar a few years after having played with it I sold it for 1000.00 if I only new then what I know now I then started playing guitars that had locking tremolos because of the Van Halen phase but after 15 or more years of using them I have gone back to my roots and sold all those guitars and went back to Gibson and Marshall thanks to guys like you and JB. I now own two LES Paul’s and an SG and like I said when I first used one nothing plays like a Gibson. anyway I want to wish you guys lots of luck on your show keep doing what you do I’ll keep watching and God Bless.
    William Baerga.

  2. Hey guys! There are date codes on the caps and pots in the Vox AC-10 and possibly on the Tranny’s. If it has the Iskra’s made “mustard caps” it would be easy. If it has the gold colored Wima Tropyfol’s can be a bit harder to date. If it has the original filter cans I could tell you around when it was made. My friend Jim Elyea wrote a great book on Vox Amps that came out in 2008: “Vox Amplifiers: The JMI Years”. I was lucky enough to help him with this book back for around 10 years before it was finally published. If there is a plate on either the back or the bottom of this head with the serial# that would help a lot dating it. Generally we see the trap head, single channels starting around 1965. But I could tell you by the date codes and serial # about when it was made. Vox generally shipped amps pretty quickly after they were built. Product didn’t sit for very long in the Dartfor Rd. Facility once it was built. Vox had 3 chassis manufactures and 2 sometimes 3 cabinet makers. Everything was put together in Dartford and then shipped out to dealers.
    Marshall: If it has the Mustard caps there are dates codes on those. The caps were made in the Czech Republic by Iskra and then distributed in Western Europe by Phillips (who was also the company that owned Mullard valves(tubes). Phillips owned and distributed a lot electronics. There are codes on these caps and should be codes on the filter can(or as the British say.. Smoothing cans).
    I love watching your videos, Thanks for doing them!

  3. You maybe have Heard that the Vox ac10 SRt is more of a vox tweed deluxe or Blues express in schematic than a AC15 or Marshall 18w. ?? the first tube (1/2 of ) is 12ax7 and is same config as vox /fender use in value of Components. After that it should be a 12au7 (1/2 of it) . the third tube should be a 12au7 and is the tube to amplify the reverb. The 4 tube should also be a 12au7 and is the PI and the pre amp stage Before that. Half of the first tube and half of the second is the tremolo amp. I you want to swap tubes and have more gain or less gain swap tubes 1,2 and 4.

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