The Doug and Pat Show Humbucking Pickup Shootout 5

Well, these pickup makers really showed up ready to take on the 1958 Les Paul PAF equipped tone machine known as “Oscar” and we don’t mean maybe. PAF modeled humbuckers from Buzztone, VIP, Geppetto and Monty’s of London. Do they bring us tonal bliss? We think so but it’s your turn with the score card so come on in and we’ll compare notes.

10 thoughts on “The Doug and Pat Show Humbucking Pickup Shootout 5

  1. How about Wizz Pickups ? Have you tried them? What are your recommendations I have a all original 66 Princeton reverb with a Korina Explorer made in Japan by Bacchus .. Modded with Alessandro pots , vitamin Q cap and Wizz pafs .. Alnico 4 .. 8.4 bridge 7.8 neck

  2. I have a set of “Wizz” PAF’s and love them. I am likely to order another set, under wound, for my ES-345.

  3. Hey guys love your show….Was just wondering if you could demo a Marshall 2061 since I can’t find anything decent on the web anywhere

  4. Hey Doug and Pat,

    One thing needs to be added to the list regarding PAFs and that is how well they clean up when the guitar volume is turned down. Do they stay clear and snappy, or get mushy muddy? To me, that is something PAFs do better than other humbuckers and make them a lot more useable for those of us who use the guitar knobs for different tones.

    1. Just to be clear (I’m dyslexic so sometimes my writing gets mixed up) PAFs often clean up really well, as seen during Since I’ve Been Loving You live, Jimmy starts with the neck pickup and gets that sharp, clean sound.

      I have also heard the term “double tones” used to describe a great PAF, but I’m not sure what it is or what to listen for to hear these double tones. When you talk to some of these winders could you get some insight on this?

    2. Good observation and all of the quality pickups we review clean up beautifully with overtones at any volume. The pots on the guitar have a bit to do with that too as some of them really roll off high end as you turn them down including on older guitars. More of a problem on the neck pickup than the bridge, we like the high end clarity to stay in there on the neck pickup to help maintain the dynamics generated tone changes as you play.

      Doug and Pat

  5. The Buzztones struck me as best sounding. They have that classic paf tone. A little early ZZ Top in there. But can I really tell when listening to it on a Kindle?

  6. Oh yeah , forgot to mention that I use a Kindle to watch the show,but attach a good set of headphones for sound. I have the Buzztones as best but this is so nuanced. The hands of the player have a lot to do with everything on your checklist.

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