The Doug and Pat Show on Les Paul, Tom Doyle and the Tru-Clones PAF.

Doug and Pat take you on a journey of tone to re-discover Les Paul, the guy not the guitar, talk to Tom Doyle who worked with Les for many years and dig a bit deeper on Tom’s “Doylecoils Tru-Clones PAF” pickup and wiring harness (does it make a difference?). Was Les Paul really a space alien from the future or just an amazingly inquisitive and inventive man and guitar player? And what did Tom learn from him in those 45 years? The interviews are at 10:40 and 41:06. The demos at 21:30. The show starts at 03 and yeah it’s kind of long but fun. Want to chat? Email us at theDougandPat Show@gmail(dot)com. We miss you Les.

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