1958 and 1960 Gibson Les Paul vs Heritage H150 with WCR “Crossroads” shootout

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take a couple of the most iconic and valuable electric guitars ever made to your house, plug them into your amp and compare them to your own guitar with those boutique pickups you paid so much for? Fat chance. But that’s exactly what Doug and Pat are doing as we drop in on them in their band rehearsal space above Doug’s garage. This first installment of the “Doug and Pat Show” catches them comparing classic PAF equipped Gibson Les Paul guitars against a newer Heritage H150 with WCR “Crossroads” pickups. They use a vintage Vox amp and a newer Marshall amp, no pedals, no effects, just straight into the amplifier. The microphone is an AT 4040 20 inches from the cabinets, no EQ. Apples to apples. Check it out then talk among yourselves. Nothing is for sale except Pat’s Peterson Briar pipe, in never used condition.

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