Doug and Pat compare old and new Les Paul Junior’s

The “Doug and Pat Show” return for installment 3 where they play, compare and talk about old and new Gibson Les Paul Juniors, the Working Man’s guitar. Historic re-issue vs. an original ’55, single cutaway vs. double cutaway. Why are they so “ballsy” compared to other P90 guitars like Les Paul Specials? Are the red ones brighter? Where’s the Billy Gibbons pipe? All questions asked right here my friends, let’s do this.

One thought on “Doug and Pat compare old and new Les Paul Junior’s

  1. I have just discovered you and I like your style! I love the playing, the pipe, the sword canes. Very entertaining. I’m using a ’59 LP Junior with 70’s Fender Twin and a Boogie studio 22. Also have a ’74 SG Special with very unusual mini humbuckers which is outstanding. Keep posting and I’ll watch from the UK!! Jonesy…..

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