Pat’s day… 8/27/16

Pat Says:

Today I got up, made a protein shake, took a nap, woke up, took a shower then rested up to start my day. At I:00 pm I went over to The Goodwill Auction Center to check out a 57′ Mary Kay Strat that was listed on their auction site. The top bid so far was $16,500. I took the thing apart and I honestly didn’t see any Fender or vintage parts on the entire rig (guitar). Our pal Bob from Guitar Crazy checked it out the day before and arrived at the same conclusion. So don’t be fooled, it’s a parts guitar…Then I picked up my bride and went to the beach for dinner. That’s how my day went, how about yours?  Doug is now officially a celebrity and he can prove it too.  Check out the latest Guitar World Magazine, the one with The Edge from U@ on the cover.  Under top 12 guitar stores in the US go to page 66 for Walt Grace/Cars and Guitars in Miami.   Yep, right there in black print.  Pretty cool!!!

2 thoughts on “Pat’s day… 8/27/16

  1. What a life! About 15 more years and I will be there too. It is interesting to read about people trying to pass off guitars as original (maybe without even knowing it). Many times you see things for sale and just assume it is what they say. It’s a good thing they let you take it apart! Thanks for the great show by the way. I just discovered it and I love it. My wife asks me if I’m watching those two guitar nerds again! She means well especially since I am one too. Take care.

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