Doug and Pat Show on The Gibson GA40 Les Paul amplifiers

Doug and Pat take on the iconic Gibson amp from the 1950’s, the GA40 Les Paul amplifier. Four versions from 1952 through 1961 get a workout with Oscar the ’58 Goldtop and an Eric Johnson Strat. Lots of drama, information and even a little time travel. Does it get any better?

6 thoughts on “Doug and Pat Show on The Gibson GA40 Les Paul amplifiers

  1. I’ve always wanted to hear the difference between 250k pots and 500k pots. My parts supplier, Martin Six String Customs, has always raved about 500k pots. They really do open up the sound. Thanks!!

  2. Hi and good day all the way from over the atlantic. You asked who´s watching the show at the age of under 40. Well that´ll be me, 39, non professional guitarist and not a collector. But i like that classic old guitar tone, low gain compared to todays amps and high output pickups. The thing that bugs me is, if you´re looking for that classic tone in todays market you´ll need to go boutique with it´s high price tag. I got lucky and got the last of the Blackheart BH15 Heads available in europe. That does the job for me at an affordable price. Unfortunatly that product line is discontinued.
    As for the timber used in vintage amps, they used what was cheap and readily available after WWII and the beginning of the cold war. Plywood went to the military and baltic birch plywood, as it is used in todays cabinets was´nt really an option.

    Nice guitar playing btw, and an entertaining show. Keep ém commin´please. Thanks.

  3. Good to see your doing the me when your bands plays next time.illcome out and see you next time .as for me I’m doing my guitar all the time.still think back to those good old kobolden days . See you later Dennis

  4. I LOvE your shows and the one with the Gibson GA40 amps was particularly interesting to me as I own a 1956 GA40 that I found at the town dump. Yeah, that was an interesting thing to find a fully working amp with 50s Les Paul knobs on it instead of the chicken head ones. It is a fire breather for sure!!!! Thank you for such an entertaining and enlightening show guys!

  5. I once owned the first version with chrome face plate, stupidly I sold it because it wasn’t loud enough. Doh!

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