The Doug and Pat Show on vintage Gibson amps Part I

We’ve recently been checking out the Gibson amplifiers from the fifties especially the GA20T/GA30 and of course the GA40 Les Paul amp. Let’s take them for a spin with “Oscar” the ’58 Gold Top W/PAF’s and an Eric Johnson Strat and see what the fuss is about. We just feel like we owe it to you.

2 thoughts on “The Doug and Pat Show on vintage Gibson amps Part I

  1. Enjoyed the demos and chat/info you guys gave on the much under appreciated Gibson amps. Since there isn’t a great deal on these amps out there , this was a really welcome and enjoyable watch.
    One question ; is the two tone ’57 GA 20 T the same amp as the tweed GA 20 T Ranger ? ( cosmetics apart ) I was under the impression they were different in terms of the circuit until visiting your web site.Great amps , great guitar and nice playing too.

    Thanks …Dave ( England.. UK )

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