Finally got the new show posted.

September 27th

It took over 14 hours to upload Humbucking Shootout #6 but it finally worked. How can this be you might be thinking?  Because I’m on the road with my wife in our small travel trailer touring the SW part of the US and getting a good WI-FI connection is not so easy in a RV park. Sure, we have a nice spot, full hookup of course (we’re not barbarians) and an ear shot distance from some folks living near by who yell at each other at the top of their lungs constantly.  But I need this type of environment to edit the next one in the absence of Pat and his hyper critical sarcastic snide remarks.  OK, I said it, the world needed to know.  I can understand why Jason Lollar would have a hard time being around him but we’ll be seeing about that. More later.


3 thoughts on “Finally got the new show posted.

  1. You two crack me up!! You’re Like an old married couple…LOL!
    Great new video(is it even on tape anymore or right the the digital format?). Thanks again for the plug! Very nice of you all to do that!
    Some great sounding pickups in this episode!
    Have a great, memorable trip. One that you remember the rest of your lives!!

  2. I just found you guys on the net and have been enjoying your old video’s. What I like is you two do “tone testing” like I do in my own home when I get something new….but you put it on video for the world to see and enjoy! Thank you.

    Idea for future video’s (if you havent done it already) is to compare capacitors. Old bee’s vs new luxe bee’s or orange drops, etc. What makes biggest difference: composition or value? (I believe its value but would be curious what you guys hear!).
    Keep up the good work

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