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  1. You guys said there were pictures posted of the old and new Marshall 18W Bluesbreakers combo guts, but I couldn’t find it. Have you both become as senile as I have, or am I looking in the wrong place. Besides, if you want a professional appraisal of what the differences are you have to come to the founder of Turkey Audio…


  2. I have chance at getting the GA40 early version- should I hold out for a latter one? Hard to tell from video but you had commented that the 5879 tubes put it over the top over the early version. Would a guy miss having that trem control of the later ones? Do the larger cabinets of the later ones give it a different presence?
    Have you ever played a 60’s national valverb 1260-this is the other amp I’m thinking of. It’s come down to these two- both have been serviced but Gibson needs an alnico p12q. Bad taste in mouth from a 12″ fender Utah ceramic that was dropped into a reverberocket 2. It’s own screechy hell. Videos are so informative with good chops. Love the minutiae of it all.-Tonebroke

    1. We have all the versions of the GA40 up to 1960 and they’re all interesting in their own way. The later ones, ’58-60 have the most gain and probably the most tone like a tweed Fender except not as loud and a little more of that 5879 tone which we love. That said, the small earlier one is a major tone machine too, is mainly hand wired (no circuit board) but a limited tremolo. We have not tried the National. You’re right about the speaker, the ceramic Utah and Oxford’s are harsh and ruin a good amp. The Jensen P12Q Alnico is the guy and you can get them in good shape because they were also in home organs and have been pulled out for re-sale over the years. The P12N has a larger magnet and barks quite nicely too. Hope that helps. Doug and Pat

      1. Truly one of the few percs of stumbling into the future. Thanks for your reply and for putting your show out to the world. Now to chase a PAF’fect humbucker !

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